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Ask Frances

Here are some answers to some of my Faery Hunters' questions. If you have any more questions or if you have a faery or elemental sighting, please E-mail me at afaeryhunt@yahoo.com.

Q What is the origin of a fairy tale?

A Fairy tales came from folk tales – stories -- that were handed down from person to person, from generation to generation. Told in their original forms, they really are not for children; now are they? The Brothers Grimm stories were very gruesome and scary or grim stories. Maybe that’s how they got their names. Most fairy tales have very little to do with faeries really.

Q What are faeries?

A Faeries are a race of small magical beings. They are usually invisible to most of us, but many mortals do have the gift to see them. Faeries have many human qualities: They have skills and talents; they have friends and family; they love and have desires.

Q Where do faeries live?

A They live all over the world. They like to live where there is little human activity, like in a park or a forest. Some faeries live underground, in hills or in the mounds of rock, like the faeries of the Shee in Scotland. Some faeries, like dryads, live in trees, while others have taken to the sea in the form of mermaids or merrows, which are sea spirits. Cloud faeries appear as huge beings in the sky and are the creators of imagination. Flower faeries are gentle spirits of the earth and live among the flowers and near the bottom of trees. Butterfly faeries look just like butterflies and live with the flower faeries.

Q How can I find a faery?

A Well, you can go to them or have them come to you. Walk slowly down a path, looking in the sky or near the bottom of trees. Look at a butterfly. It could be faery. Also, faeries like to travel on the backs of dragonflies and hummingbirds, so watch every flying thing that goes by. I always dress very colorfully when I go searching for faeries. I also like to put on sparkly faery dust, which Althea Root, the hedgewitch gave me, to appear more like the faeries, and not frighten them.

Q How do you bring a faery to you?

A If you’d like to attract faeries to your house, a good place to start is to clean your room. House Faeries such as elves, pixies, and brownies don’t like clutter and mess, so keep everything very neat. The house faeries can be very helpful and playful to have around. Sometimes they may move things from one place to another to play a harmless prank on you. But mostly, they will bless your home and bring you good luck!

If you’d like to entice a faery friend into your garden, you can plant some of their favorite flowers and greenery. Foxgloves are used to make clothing. Bell flowers such as lilies of the fields can be used as hats. Rosemary, heartsease, forget-me-nots are some other favorites. Faeries like tulip blooms as a bed for their babies, and ferns to use as blankets to keep them warm at night. Hummingbird feeders may entice faeries to frequent your yard, since they use these birds to fly from place to place.

You can build a faery house to welcome the faeries to your garden. Use bright and beautiful things as building materials to lure our faery friends near. Twigs, stones, acorns, leaves and other things found in nature make a lovely faery house that any faery would be proud of. A crystal can be placed on the house to get their attention and to further decorate the magical abode.

Q What do faeries eat?

A Faeries love natural foods, nothing artificial or junky. Pixie pears and mallow fruits are among their favorites. They especially love sweet morsels and are also fond of foods made with the spice saffron. Faeries are very fond of honey cakes, honeyed milk, plain milk and sweet butter. If you place a bowl or these faery tasty morsels just outside your kitchen, they will not be able to resist the treats. Don’t be fooled into thinking they didn’t have a feast if the food looks untouched. The faeries may have taken nourishment from the food’s essence.

Frances Griffith and Elsie Wright took the famous faery pictures in Cottingley, England. These pictures were well-publicized and made famous all over the world. We met them! And those girls inspired us to devote our lives to the study and research of faeries.

Proof of Faeries

Here's a note Frances Griffith sent me:

One Saturday afternoon in July 1917 when Elsie and I were still very young, we became friendly with the Beck Faeries. It is funny, I never used to see them when I lived in Africa. It must be too hot for them there. We took these pictures with my Uncle Arthur Wright's Midg camera, which he developed in his darkroom.

By early 1920, Auntie Polly Wright took our faery pictures to a meeting at the Theosophical Society in Bradford. The photos soon ended up in the possession of a leading Theosophist, Edward Gardner. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes and fanatical Spiritualist) borrowed the pictures from Mr. Gardner and published them in the Strand Magazine November 1920 issue. Click here for more information on the Cottingley fairies.

Frances Griffith

Kinds of Faeries
BUTTERFLY FAERIES: They are also known as the moss people for they are experts at hiding in mossy, dark areas. Butterfly faeries come from Switzerland, Germany, Africa, and from the Islands. These delicate, slender spirits have beautifully colored butterfly wings emanating from their bodies. They are very shy and human sightings of them are very rare indeed. They avoid human contact as much possible for they do not trust mankind, who has been destroying their forest homes. They are often confused for real butterflies because they often play with their best friends: monarch butterflies. They usually do not trust humans, but if a butterfly faery befriends you, she or he will prove to be a true friend to you for life by always bringing you good luck. If you should see a butterfly faery, do not make any sudden movements. Let her know you want to be friends, and you mean her no harm. Remember, it is very important for us to protect the disappearing forest, the favorite home of these very special creatures.

CLOUD FAERIES: Cloud Faeries emerge as large formations in masses of clouds. They look like long humans. The cloud faeries help you with your imagination and creation of the arts. They themselves are master sculptors making wonderful images out of air and water. To call a cloud faery to you, it is best to summon one around sunset or sunrise, for they use the elements of both in order to create beauty. Call to them when you are about to make any form of art. If your mind and heart are open to hearing them, they will help you.

DRYADS (a.k.a. Tree spirits, Tree Ladies, Druidesses, Hamadryads, Sidhe Draoi): These faeries live all over the world, but originate from the Celtic countries. Even though they live in and protect the trees, their element is air. Their favorite time of the month is at the full moon. They are excellent musicians and will often play their strange magical, musical instruments while they dance, sing, and laugh under the light of the moon. They will not harm you if you follow their music, but it may cause you to spend too much time in Faeryland. These spirits are only female. They are usual seen as wisps of light. The dryads are very playful and do like to tease, but if they befriend you, they will help you get in touch with your magical abilities and to contact your divine energy. To find them it is best to go to a grove of sacred trees. You may find this beautiful spirit in a willow, oak, ash, thorn, rowan, birch, or elder tree.

EARTH FAERIES: Earth faeries are very small, standing about a foot to eighteen inches tall. They are often a golden brown or dark green color. Sometimes they come into view as bear-type creatures. Earth Faeries live in communities and are very friendly. These spirits work very hard dealing with the well being of all creatures, humans and faeries alike. Even though the Earth faeries love mortals very much, they often lose their patience with the humans for their foolishness and careless treatment of Mother Earth. Earth Faeries love colorful rocks in their natural state, but will also cut the stones to show off the inner beauty. When we call them into our circle, they can help you plant your feet firmly on the ground, and like the stones, help you to find the inner beauty that you hold inside of you.

FLOWER FAERIES: These are the peaceful spirits of the earth. These wee folk are a very passionate people. They are in love with natural beauty and luxury, and love nothing more than to array themselves with beautiful flowers and things of nature. They are whimsical, willful, and beautiful. They befriend the kind-of-heart but will stay away from those who are greedy and selfish. They love wine and sweets. Leave some at a place where wild flowers grow. Any gentle acts of kindness help encourage the faeries to make a blessing. So if you are kind, you will be a blessing on the Earth.